10 Reasons Why

  1. Our hard wood  mic-ed floors set us apart from any other competition.
  2. The carefully selected judges are experts in the art of tap dancing.
  3. Our staff is professional, friendly, and courteous.
  4. The convenient location makes it easy for studios in the tri-state area.(FREE Parking)
  5. Our wide variety of strictly tap categories will showcase the possibilities within this art form. (New styles/techniques) (Wider view of the tap world)
  6. One of our set goals is to ensure that each and every dancer enjoys themselves and achieves results, whether it is pride, accomplishment, loyalty, or teamwork.
  7. The positive atmosphere we provide helps build the confidence of all dancers.
  8. Dancers get the chance to improve showmanship and stage presence.
  9. Gives tap dancers the experience of performing and competing with dancers only in this art form.
  10. Our competition will prepare tap dancers for the upcoming competition season.

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